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Business Succession

The Harwood Andrews Ballarat Business Succession Lawyers assist family business members, taking into account all assets and tax requirements and the objectives of all stakeholders for family business in the Ballarat region.



Harwood Andrews work closely with family businesses and are experienced in helping them establish the most effective structure in terms of management, ownership and transfer of ownership, risk liability and tax considerations.

Successful business succession planning can be a challenge for many family businesses and can potentially cause conflict and division within the family unit.  We assist family business members by taking into account all assets and tax requirements and the objectives of all stakeholders. We recommend that business structuring and succession planning form part of a broader integrated family plan so that fair and equitable arrangements are in place and transition can occur as smoothly as possible.

Our advisers also work with individual family members on their personal succession planning such as wills and powers of attorney to further protect assets from unforeseen and unwanted circumstances, such as relationship breakdowns or bankruptcy. Our clients work with us to ensure any risks to their assets are minimised and the potential liabilities associated with their business are limited.

We help our clients safeguard their personal and family business assets and preserve their legacy for future generations.


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